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EUROTO is the provider of bathroom accessories, especially focused on smart toilets. The origin of American smart toilets can be traced back to 1964; nowadays, diversified smart toilets are available on the market but come with a premium price. Aimed at serving more people for a better bathroom experience with a more affordable price, EUROTO decided to enter the American market.  

Why would I choose EUROTO smart toilets? 

Instant Heating

The EUROTO team strives to give you the best customer service and product experience possible.

Customized Drying System

A fully-customizable drying system in every EUROTO smart toilet lets users adjust the intensity and temperature of its blow dryer for maximum comfort.

Control Panel

EUROTO’s touch-control panel features a streamlined one-piece molded design that protects its circuit from humidity and moisture for a longer life span and reduced maintenance.

Built-in Water Filter

EUROTO smart toilet’s built-in water filter softens hard water and helps prevent build-up of minerals that can clog up the nozzle and cause malfunctions.

Health Benefits

EUROTO’s unique functions such as massage and varying nozzle intensity modes can help improved blood circulation, help prevent bacterial-related diseases, and help aid constipation.

Premium Materials

EUROTO uses highest-quality materials and craftsmanship for longer life span and service to users. EUROTO smart toilet seats and toilet seat covers are made out of high grade polypropylene, a softer and stronger material compared to traditional plastic that’s more immune to cracks, breakage, and chemical damage from cleaning solutions. The nozzles are made of a durable composite that’s designed to withstand daily use and prevents bacteria from breeding.

Advanced Skin Sensor Technology

EUROTO smart toilet’s advanced skin sensor technology keeps the toilet seat flexible and comfortable even through repeated use.

Self-Cleaning and Deodorizing

EUROTO’s electronic bidet is programmed to remove dirt and contaminants after each use while a built-in activated carbon filter eliminates odor.

Energy Saving

EUROTO smart toilets automatically switch to idle mode when not in use to help conserve energy.

Three-year Warranty

The EUROTO team strives to give you the best customer service and product experience possible.







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