Euroto Smart Toilet Bidet Luxe Elongated for Bathroom Toilet Bowls, Toilet Seats Adjustable Heated Seat, Dual Memory, Water Dual Nozzle Feminine Wash, Wireless Remote Control, Nightlight, 2019 Model

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12" Rough in For easy standard installation
Elongated bowl offers added room and comfort
Remote Control

Multiple wash function. Rear Wash, Feminine Wash, Water Filter, Self-cleaning nozzles, Antibacterial toilet, Deodorizer, Auto Flush. Heated water for Wash(4 levels), Heated Seat(4 Lever adjustment). Soft Closing, Massage Wash, Nozzle moves forward & backward for wash, Nozzle position adjustable, Voice Alarm. Auto Flush, Motion Detection, hands-free opening/closing of seat and cover. Pit Distance: S-trap 300 mm, Intelligent Toilet with Remote control operation.

Rated Power Supply: AC 110V 60Hz
Rated Power Consumption: 1280w(When the inflow water is 5 degree, set the outflow temperature and strength to the maximum.)
Water Pressure Range: 0.06Mpa (dynamic)-0.75Mpa(Static)
Water Pressure Adjustment: Adjustable in 4 levels
Heater Capacity: 1200w
Safety Device: Temperature control system, over-heating protection mechanism, over-drying protection mechanism, water and electricity isolation system.
General Cleansing Flow Rates: 0.06Mpa (dynamic) 0.75Mpa (Static)
Heater Capacity: 40w
Surface Temperature: room temperature, 33 degree, 36 degree, 39 degree
Safety Device: Temperature control system, over-heating protection mechanism
Heater Capacity: 1200w
Warm Air Temperature: Adjustable in 4 levels
Safety Service: Temperature reset switch/temperature fuse
Gross Weight: 17.64lb

Euroto's Luxury Smart Toilet will let you truly relax during all your bathroom visits. Its clean and comfortable design features combine into a wonderful experience, and the sheer amount of features is more than most other products on the market. You'll be greeted with self-lifting lids and parted with automatic flushes. Your seat can be warmed to a chosen temperature. A bidet nozzle with customizable pressure, temperature, and position will wash away every smudge. It'll even give you cleansing massages, while a dryer can wrap things up at the end. An air purifying deodorizer sucks away a lot of the undesirable odor. You can turn on the FM radio during cleansing for something entertaining. The remote control pad is the source of activating most of these amazing choices. It'll let you adjust things to your personal comfort level, and can give off alerts for when there are signs of malfunction. Few other toilets can compare to the vast wealth of convenience provided by this luxurious product.


European Design and Innovation in the Comfort of Your Home


  • Hygienic - Toilets accumulate stains after several days of use without daily cleaning. Smart toilets include bactericidal features that help prevent bacterial infection.
  • Extra Comfort - Smart toilets feature heated seats, warm water wash, massage, and other features that add to its comfortable cleaning experience. The bidet’s double nozzle design enables front wash and rear wash. Users can enjoy a spa-like massage via its pulse flushing mode.
  • Convenience - Smart toilets’ automatic cleaning and air drying features eliminate the need for toilet paper.
  • Health Benefit - Smart toilets also provide great health benefits such as a massage feature that can be used to improve circulation of blood.





  • Rear Wash
  • Feminine Wash
  • Man Wash
  • Oscillating Wash
  • Water Pressure Control
  • Massage Wash
  • Oscillation Dryer


Humanity Design


  • Instant Heat
  • Seat Sensor
  • Heated Seat
  • Nozzle Self-cleaning
  • Premist
  • Deodorizer


Smart Control


  • Remote Control
  • Seat Temp. Control
  • Water Temp. Control
  • Noise Reduction Design




  • LED Display
  • IPX4
  • Night Light
  • Energy Saver



Why would I choose EUROTO smart toilets?


Instant Heating

The EUROTO team strives to give you the best product experience possible.


Customized Drying System

A fully-customizable drying system in every EUROTO smart toilet lets users adjust the intensity and temperature of its blow dryer for maximum comfort.


Control Panel

EUROTO’s control panel features a streamlined one-piece molded design that protects its circuit from humidity and moisture for a longer life span and reduced maintenance.


Built-in Water Filter

EUROTO smart toilet’s built-in water filter softens hard water and helps prevent build-up of minerals that can clog up the nozzle and cause malfunctions.


Health Benefits

EUROTO’s unique functions such as massage and varying nozzle intensity modes can help improved blood circulation, help prevent bacterial-related diseases, and help aid constipation.


Premium Materials

EUROTO uses highest-quality materials and craftsmanship for longer life span and service to users. EUROTO smart toilet seats and toilet seat covers are made out of high grade polypropylene, a softer and stronger material compared to traditional plastic that’s more immune to cracks, breakage, and chemical damage from cleaning solutions. The nozzles are made of a durable composite that’s designed to withstand daily use and prevents bacteria from breeding.


Advanced Skin Sensor Technology

EUROTO smart toilet’s advanced skin sensor technology keeps the toilet seat flexible and comfortable even through repeated use.


Self-Cleaning and Deodorizing

EUROTO’s electronic bidet is programmed to remove dirt and contaminants after each use while a built-in activated carbon filter eliminates odor.


Energy Saving

EUROTO smart toilets automatically switch to idle mode when not in use to help conserve energy.



Material Porcelain
Type One Piece
Assembly Assembled
Color White
Product Features Eco-Friendly
Toilet Bowl Shape Elongated
Toilet Handle Type Push
Dimensions W 14.76" / D 19.96" / H 7.24" / 17.64 lb.






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    Highly recommended purchase. Not cheap, but if you can afford it, you'll be glad you could.

    Posted by BellyJelly on Apr 25th 2019

    Great purchase. It installed easily in less than 15 minutes (Note: we already had a duplex socket in the right place). I'm very impressed with the overall design of the unit, particularly how easily it can be removed for clearning. The endless warm water supply is a great plus as is the simplicity of the remote. It definitely works as advertised and is very effective. I'm pretty obese so it took me a few uses to figure out what kind of nozzle pressure and positioning settings as well as the body movements I needed to thoroughly clean everything.

  • 4
    Wow! Bidet

    Posted by Erika H. Dimons on Apr 24th 2019

    I just had one of these installed a week ago. Wow! It works swell! I find my self wanting to sit on my bidet all day long, hahah! I feel clean and refreshed, though a little wet. That is one of the minor reasons I gave it 4 stars. It doesn't dry very well and it takes about 3 minutes to dry completely. So I use paper and that's fine by me. It also leaves the back of the toilet seat a bit sprinkled, but that to is quickly dried with a bit of TP. I can do without the night light. Over all...Fantastique!!!! Wish I had one for my other bathroom!