Premium Euroto Intelligent Smart Toilet Seat Cover

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12" Rough in For easy standard installation
Fully Glazed Trap way for smoother flushes
Elongated bowl offers added room and comfort
1-piece toilets integrate the tank and bowl into a seamless, easy-to-clean design
Remote Control

Multiple wash function. Rear Wash, Feminine Wash, Water Filter, Self-cleaning nozzles, Antibacterial toilet, Deodorizer, Auto Flush. Heated water for Wash(4 levels), Heated Seat(4 Lever adjustment). Soft Closing, Massage Wash, Nozzle moves forward & backward for wash, Nozzle position adjustable, Voice Alarm. Auto Flush, Motion Detection, hands-free opening/closing of seat and cover. Pit Distance: S-trap 300 mm, Intelligent Toilet with Remote control operation.

Rated Power Supply: AC 110V 60Hz
Rated Power Consumption: 1280w(When the inflow water is 5 degree, set the outflow temperature and strength to the maximum.)
Water Pressure Range: 0.06Mpa (dynamic)-0.75Mpa(Static)
Water Pressure Adjustment: Adjustable in 4 levels
Heater Capacity: 1200w
Safety Device: Temperature control system, over-heating protection mechanism, over-drying protection mechanism, water and electricity isolation system.
General Cleansing Flow Rates: 0.06Mpa (dynamic) 0.75Mpa (Static)
Heater Capacity: 40w
Surface Temperature: room temperature, 33 degree, 36 degree, 39 degree
Safety Device: Temperature control system, over-heating protection mechanism
Heater Capacity: 1200w
Warm Air Temperature: Adjustable in 4 levels
Safety Service: Temperature reset switch/temperature fuse
Gross Weight: 17.64lb

Euroto's Luxury Smart Toilet will let you truly relax during all your bathroom visits. Its clean and comfortable design features combine into a wonderful experience, and the sheer amount of features is more than most other products on the market. You'll be greeted with self-lifting lids and parted with automatic flushes. Your seat can be warmed to a chosen temperature. A bidet nozzle with customizable pressure, temperature, and position will wash away every smudge. It'll even give you cleansing massages, while a dryer can wrap things up at the end. An air purifying deodorizer sucks away a lot of the undesirable odor. You can turn on the FM radio during cleansing for something entertaining. The remote control pad is the source of activating most of these amazing choices. It'll let you adjust things to your personal comfort level, and can give off alerts for when there are signs of malfunction. Few other toilets can compare to the vast wealth of convenience provided by this luxurious product.

European Design and Innovation in the Comfort of Your Home


  • Hygienic - Toilets accumulate stains after several days of use without daily cleaning. Smart toilets include bactericidal features that help prevent bacterial infection.
  • Extra Comfort - Smart toilets feature heated seats, warm water wash, massage, and other features that add to its comfortable cleaning experience. The bidet’s double nozzle design enables front wash and rear wash. Users can enjoy a spa-like massage via its pulse flushing mode.
  • Convenience - Smart toilets’ automatic cleaning and air drying features eliminate the need for toilet paper.
  • Health Benefit - Smart toilets also provide great health benefits such as a massage feature that can be used to improve circulation of blood.





  • Rear Wash
  • Feminine Wash
  • Man Wash
  • Oscillating Wash
  • Water Pressure Control
  • Massage Wash
  • Oscillation Dryer


Humanity Design


  • Instant Heat
  • Seat Sensor
  • Heated Seat
  • Nozzle Self-cleaning
  • Premist
  • Deodorizer


Smart Control


  • Remote Control
  • Seat Temp. Control
  • Water Temp. Control
  • Noise Reduction Design




  • LED Display
  • IPX4
  • Night Light
  • Energy Saver



Why would I choose EUROTO smart toilets?


Instant Heating

The EUROTO team strives to give you the best product experience possible.


Customized Drying System

A fully-customizable drying system in every EUROTO smart toilet lets users adjust the intensity and temperature of its blow dryer for maximum comfort.


Control Panel

EUROTO’s control panel features a streamlined one-piece molded design that protects its circuit from humidity and moisture for a longer life span and reduced maintenance.


Built-in Water Filter

EUROTO smart toilet’s built-in water filter softens hard water and helps prevent build-up of minerals that can clog up the nozzle and cause malfunctions.


Health Benefits

EUROTO’s unique functions such as massage and varying nozzle intensity modes can help improved blood circulation, help prevent bacterial-related diseases, and help aid constipation.


Premium Materials

EUROTO uses highest-quality materials and craftsmanship for longer life span and service to users. EUROTO smart toilet seats and toilet seat covers are made out of high grade polypropylene, a softer and stronger material compared to traditional plastic that’s more immune to cracks, breakage, and chemical damage from cleaning solutions. The nozzles are made of a durable composite that’s designed to withstand daily use and prevents bacteria from breeding.


Advanced Skin Sensor Technology

EUROTO smart toilet’s advanced skin sensor technology keeps the toilet seat flexible and comfortable even through repeated use.


Self-Cleaning and Deodorizing

EUROTO’s electronic bidet is programmed to remove dirt and contaminants after each use while a built-in activated carbon filter eliminates odor.


Energy Saving

EUROTO smart toilets automatically switch to idle mode when not in use to help conserve energy.



Material Porcelain
Type One Piece
Assembly Assembled
Color White
Product Features Eco-Friendly
Toilet Bowl Shape Elongated
Toilet Handle Type Push
Dimensions W 14.76" / D 19.96" / H 7.24" / 17.64 lb.






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  • 5
    easy to install, cleans well, the seat is warm, and the look is fancy!

    Posted by SZ on May 9th 2019

    It has been a long while that I was considering to buy a smart toilet seat like this since I traveled back from a Japan trip and gain good experience in the hotels all using this type of smart bidet toilet seats. The smart toilet seat does give me convenient and comfortable experience each time I sit on it. First of all, every time I sit on it when I get out from my cozy bed, I won't get chilled by a cold seat, I can either remote preheat it or the sensor just detect automatically to get my seat warmed up right away, it does make me feel so comfort in such a long winter time here. The remote is separate from the seat and it adds convenient (it is better than those ones that I used in the hotel as those are all set on the seat , but this one can stands seperately and now I don't need to drop my head to do the adjustment every time). The night light save me a wall light and it makes my bathroom look fancy. Secondly, for the cleaning function, not just it can choose for different positions, the nozzle and water pressure and tempreture is adjustable too. It cleans well and really is environmental friendly because I save toilet paper. I follow the installation guide and it is easy to install, there was set spare parts to get all the hoses connected, all you need is to plug in the power and it works. It really smarts!

  • 5
    Shouldn't have waited this long to purchase!

    Posted by Vance Holiday on May 7th 2019

    As several reviewers have stated before, I don't know why this concept hasn't caught on in the states. I bought this as a Mother's Day present for my wife who was dying to have one after seeing one and using one at a friends house. The most expensive part of this install was not the purchase of the bidet itself, but running a dedicated GFCI power outlet behind the toilet. I like the fact that you can route the power wire to either the left or the right side of the toilet. This makes for a clean look. Speaking of clean look, I also like the fact that you can hide both the water supply line and the power cord out of site behind the toilet. Bottom line, this was a great purchase and has greatly
    improved the after toilet visit morale.

  • 5
    So Un-American.....and so perfect

    Posted by Semual McRae on May 3rd 2019

    Works great.
    Never used a bidet before (like 99% of Americans) this. I have to say, this has been fantastic. The quality is good. I have two elementary school kids who use it and love it.

    First time use- my business. Press the button. Expect to have a cold jet of water up a dark crevice...instead a bit of buzzing and whirring as it sizes up its objective (my dark crevice) and contemplates can it handle this it or should it just quit now. A jet of warm water (not cold as expected)sprays and cleans. Now to ensure you get it done right, you do have to wiggle around a bit. Hence the tightening every week. Much cleaner and much less toilet paper used. The TP is used mostly to dry. Having paper towels nearby and a trash can works better.

    All that said, All future houses will have at least one of these in it. Well worth the money.

  • 5
    I am REALLY pleased with this product as I didn't think I could ...

    Posted by Falinda on Apr 25th 2019

    I am REALLY pleased with this product as I didn't think I could get something like this for less than $3000 (that's what my friend in CT. paid for her Kohler product which seems very similar). This unit installed incredibly easily (in fact, we haven't even called in an electrician yet as we hooked it up with a very inconspicuous extension cord that fit into the decor quite handily) and is working beautifully. The remote is so very light and easy for me to control that I'm not worried about dealing with it. All around, good job, Euroto...regardless of what some idiots say.

  • 5
    I have fallen in love...

    Posted by Anon on Apr 22nd 2019

    I love getting my bum cleaned by a robot. The only slight down-side is that the air dry takes some patience, but that is to be expected. I could see how this function could be very useful for someone that is unable to reach behind for medical reasons, but I did not use it again after trying it one time. For maximum clean I think it is best to wipe dry anyhow.
    This bidet is all that it is advertised as and looks great attached to my American Standard toilet (elongated model). I did a bunch of research before I bought, as I am sure you are doing now. In the end I spent double what I was planning on spending, but I have no regrets as this unit seems more sanitary than many other models on the market.

  • 4
    So good

    Posted by Scott Daniels on Apr 17th 2019

    Installation: 15-30 mins - easy
    Construction: sturdy - I am close to 300 pounds
    Remote: sturdy but lacks backlight
    Water pressure: good but not the best - I needed to use toilet paper if you times.
    Water Temp: very good at maintaining the temperature
    Nightlight - Off-centered - soft white in color - does not look very nice I would have preferred a blue light

  • 5
    I couldn't just let my wife get all the enjoyment. First the pros

    Posted by D. Solomon on Apr 17th 2019

    First-time bidet owner here! Did lots of research into purchasing the right bidet, knowing that it is more of an appliance than it is anything else. I actually purchased this item for my wife because she marveled at the bidet she used when we recently went to eat at a sushi restaurant. Seeing the giant grin on her face after that experience, I just had to purchase one for the home. I wanted something that wasn't going to break the bank, but also something that was not a low-quality budget item, because when it comes to bidets, you really get what you pay for. Of course, once it arrived, I couldn't just let my wife get all the enjoyment.

    First the pros, in no particular order:
    - I love that the seat warms. Nothing worse than sitting on a cold-ass toilet seat
    - It really does have never-ending warm water, and you can adjust the temperature setting to your liking
    - The nozzle is adjustable using the remote, so no need to worry about it not hitting the right spot (so long as you're not sitting too far forward or back on your seat)
    - The remote is really handy, so that you don't have to fumble around with the seat itself. The remote comes with a holder that can be mounted on the nearest wall or location for easy access.
    - The water pressure is adjustable and there's definitely enough pressure as required.
    - The night light is more useful than you think. No need to use the bathroom light at all during the night hours.
    - Installation was very easy, especially considering there's a step-by-step youtube video (
    - The Easy Wash function makes it... well.... easy to wash-up using a single button press.

    And now, the cons:
    There aren't any! But if I were forced to come up with something....
    - The drying function is nice, but relatively useless. Still need to use some toilet paper to dab away the water, unless you want to sit for an additional 3 minutes to wait for the heated dry function. I prefer to just dab, and walk. Or occasionally, dab, sit, and let the heated air dry me more completely because, hey, why not slow down and enjoy the function every once in a while since it's there.
    - If you find that the nozzle position needs to be adjusted, you'll have to adjust it each time you use the seat (or adjust how you sit) because it does not remember where it was last positioned. But adjusting the nozzle is a single easily accessible button press on the remote. Nowhere near a deal breaker, but it's good to know this so as not to be surprised.

    So there you have it. I can't compare this bidet to other bidets on the market because this is the first one I've ever used and owned. But I am very happy with my purchase. Been using it for a good 3 months now.

    I should also note that the instructions say that the bidet needs to be connected to a GFCI outlet. Also, you have to plug it in somewhere and most bathrooms do not have an outlet located right behind or near the toilet, so you'll have to consider that. I was going to hire an electrician to install an outlet near my toilet because mine is in a room all by itself with no outlet available. But the cost was going to be a couple hundred more than the bidet itself. No thanks! I simply plugged an extension cord in the nearest outlet and dressed it along the wall and to the toilet. If you want to do something similar, I have pictures to give an idea. The bathroom outlet is already on a GFCI circuit, so I'm covered there. I'm not an electrician, so I'm not advocating that you do the same as I did unless you consult a qualified electrician, but it worked out in my case and saved me a great deal.

  • 5
    Bargain bidet, most features available for solidly performing hole cleanser

    Posted by unixcorn on Apr 15th 2019

    Bidets in general, are surprisingly underrated and underutilized in the States. This one features nearly all of the latest design innovations available. The seat is comfortable for a 6ft 280 lbs man and even more comfortable for 180 lbs frame. You can even sit on the bidet lid, which is rare.

    I have long history with digestive issues and for me, a bidet is essentially a requirement now a days. This allows me to use only toilet paper again Vs. needing several wet wipes. The heater is instant, the quality is well above average and the bowl light is bright. Easy to install and looks fantastic overall.

    The only feature I wish it had, was a bowl pre and post spray to coat the interior of toilet with sterile water before and after use. Other than that, it has evey feature needed, except power lid/seat lift, but I would never use that anyway.

    The remote is flat and easy to clean, intuitively designed and aesthetically pleasing to eyes and touch. What makes this quality bidet stand out the most, is the phenomenal pricing. The only brand comparable is the Toto and the Toto is about double the price. This bidet is an unbelievable value from a quality, US company with a hefty warranty and responsive customer support, which I also tested.

    This also has oscillating spray heads, which may sound gimmicky, but is not, the oscillating heads allow you to cover much more area, so it is invaluable.

  • 5
    My toilet "dreams" have come true!

    Posted by Frank in CA on Apr 15th 2019

    After experiencing a "magical" Japanese toilet (i've never been the same since), I vowed to, one day, have one of my own. My "dreams" have come true with this EUT3618S!!! Once you experience it, all other standard toilets are a disappointment. It works phenomenally well and is a bargain for what you are getting with this product. Exceptionally well made (looks great) and, quite simply, makes for,an amazing bathroom experience.

    Super easy to install, logical remote with a multitude of options (it seems a bit overwhelming at first glance but it's really simple and allows for the exact type of features you want).