Smart Toilet

What is a Smart Toilet?

Smart toilets are enhanced version of toilets that are manufactured with built-in features that automate functions and increase comfort and overall user experience. These features include front and rear washing, massage modes, warm air dryer, instantaneous water heating, built-in air deodorizing system, adjustable water and seat temperatures, and many others.

The Origin of Smart Toilets

The smart toilet was invented in United States by an American named Arnold Cohen in 1964. The original version included a set of flush and drying functions. After being granted the patent, Cohen founded a company dedicated to manufacturing and selling smart toilets. His products were primarily utilized by the health care industry, had very limited functions and failed to attract retail consumers.

In the late 1960’s, a Japanese toilet engineer discovered the invention of the smart toilet and introduced the idea to the Japanese market. Over the last 3 decades, the addition of features such as warmed seats, warm water wash, warm air dry, sterilization, and many others, truly revolutionized the product and contributed to the smart toilet’s growing popularity. Today, 90% of Japanese homes enjoy the benefits and comfort of the smart toilet.

Benefits of Smart Toilets

1. Hygienic 

Toilets accumulate stains after several days of use without daily cleaning. They breed viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and micro-organisms that cause infectious diseases. Smart toilets include bactericidal features that help prevent bacterial infection.

2. Extra Comfort

Smart toilets feature heated seats, warm water wash, massage, and other features that add to its comfortable cleaning experience. The bidet’s double nozzle design enables front wash and rear wash. Users can enjoy a spa-like massage via its pulse flushing mode.

3. Convenience

Smart toilets’ automatic cleaning and air drying features eliminate the need for toilet paper.

4. Health Benefits

Smart toilets also provide great health benefits such as a massage feature that can be used to improve circulation of blood, prevent constipation and other related diseases.